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      Equipment for Metallurgical Industry:
                    -steel plants equipment;
                    -coke plants equipment;
                    -equipment for steel bars calibrating and drawing - round, square and hexagonal shape bars;
                    -equipment for hot-rolling mills, rim shape;
                    -plate rolling mills equipment;
                    -cold rolling equipment, carbon steel narrow strips;
                    -small rolling mills equipment for steel strips;
                    -pipes rolling, cutting and testing equipment;
                    -cutting equipment for cylindrical semi-products O 80 220 and square semi-products 80 220 mm;
                    -equipment for mixed cutting of rolled steel strips;
                    -equipment for plates electroplating pilot systems;
                    -equipment for plates stacking;
                    -equipment for the steel strip welding line of the hot and cold rolling mills;
                    -equipment for coated electrodes production lines;
                    -equipment for multipurpose rolling mill for middle sized steel profiles;
                    -agglomerating lines (conventional process and pelleting);
                    -equipment for alumina production;
                    -equipment for aluminum processing (including rolling);
                    -equipment for copper-brass foundries; equipment for cast iron foundry;
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