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Representative equipment and machinery delivered so far to home and export markets:
- Roller crushers;
- Hammer crushers Ø1.800mm x 1.800mm;
- Drying - grinding plants;
- LÖSCHE mill;
- Gearboxes of 600 KW, 1000 KW and 1600 KW;
- Paste homogenizers Ø20 m;
- Paste dozer;
- Rotating hollow driers Ø2,4m x 14,55m and Ø3m x 18m;
- Pallet conveyor;
- Scraper conveyor;
- Chain and bucket conveyor;
- Gas furnace;
- Grate coolers;
- Clay, gypsum, clinker and additives hoppers;
- De-dusting systems;
- Flap locks;
- Pre-drying and post-drying chambers;
- Connection ducts;
- Shunting systems;
- Feeder funnels;
- Extraction devices;
- Tests processing plant;
- Side guides for conveyors;
- Complex steel structures, etc.
II. Spare parts (castings, forgings, steel structures - with machining) for delivered equipment and machinery (examples):
- hammers, bolts, impact plates, impact brackets, pendulum, flywheels, shielding, excentric shafts, crushing places, axles, rotor shafts, belt elements, grate bars (for crushers, etc.);
- housings, shaft groups I, II and III (for gearboxes of 1000 KW and 1600 KW);
- miscellaneous: pinions, differential-drive pinions, bevel pinions, gear rims, half-rims, shafts, bearings, bushes, crankshafts, grinding segments, distribution disks, worm wheels, worm shafts, spindle bottoms, meshes, nozzles, cell rims, pinion shafts, flanges, rings, disks for mills, etc.
III. References - main customers since 1965 till now
a) Foreign objectives:
- HAIFONG Cement mill (Vietnam);;
- MAMPO Cement mill (Korean D.P.R.);
- LUKAVAC Cement mill (ex - Yugoslavia);
- NASICE Cement Mill (ex - Yugoslavia);
- KOROMACNO Cement Mill (ex - Yugoslavia);
- KAKANY Cement Mill (ex Yugoslavia);
- BERBERA Cement Mill ( Somalia);
- SIBLINE Cement Mill ( Liban);
- HUAI - HAI Cement Mill (China);
- HENAN Cement Mill (China);
- AL-KHAIM Cement Mill (Irak);
- SINJAR Cement Mill (Irak);
- ATTOCK Cement Mill (Pakistan);
- KOHAT Cement Mill (Pakistan);
- SAADI Cement Mill (Pakistan);
- PAKLAND Cement Mill (Pakistan);
- ASSIUT II Cement Mill (Egypt);
- ALSONS Cement Mill (Philippines);
- SHEIK - SAID Cement Mill (Syria);
b) Obiective interne: totalitatea fabricilor de ciment din componenta grupurilor HOLCIM, LAFARGE si HEIDELBERG.
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